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Vantage Point Solutions is dedicated to helping businesses and business owners achieve their goals and visions for success.

To accomplish this, Vantage Point Solutions works directly with clients to identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities within their operations and to provide new unbiased insights based on practical advice that works. How is this achieved? During an initial discussion and follow up meetings, issues are documented and clearly defined as to the level of impact, effort to correct, and the resulting value to the company of having each challenge resolved or opportunity achieved. A priority list is developed with target dates for completion and is aligned with the client’s mission and definition of success. Key performance metrics are developed to track operational and financial improvements.

See Services for more specifics on how Vantage Point Solutions might help your business achieve the type of performance your competition can only wish to match.

Through Vantage Point Solutions, business owners can build an action plan for success, freeing up their time from day-to-day operations so they can pursue executive level challenges critical to the growth, success, and profitability of their company.


Larry Douglas has over 20 years of experience as an executive with both small local and large global companies. He has an extensive success record of building cross functional team support to insure the successful implementation of best practices and continual improvement within an organization.

Larry recieved his MBA from the University of Missouri with a focus on business finance. He is certified in production, inventory, and materials management through the nationally recognized APICS organization and continues to stay abreast of new developments in the business community through conferences, seminars, and workshops covering a wide range of business methodologies including but not limited to: process flow analysis, project management methodologies, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, bar coding, strategic planning, supply chain methods, manufacturing benchmarking, and importing/exporting.

Key corporate positions have encompassed supply chain management, material management, IT management, procurement, business process analysis, warehousing, distribution, production planning, customer service, and shop floor control. He has extensive training and experience in project management, and is a dynamic team builder, leader, and mentor.

Larry is also active in the local schools and various non-profits and youth sports organizations. He is a member of Team Five-Oh, an Adventure Racing team that has participated in races throughout the United States.
Vantage Point Solutions can help your business achieve the type of performance your competition can only wish to match.
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